Ashely Tisdale

The pretty ashley 🙂
pretty Ashley Tisdale
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6 Responses to “Ashely Tisdale”

  1. Heii I love Ash :x:x is my idol 😡 lovley ever 😡

    i love you.. you are so ameizing
    im in belgie here is so cool!!!
    hey i love a guy of school and i dont know wat to do
    kan you help my please i love you

    • hola escucha yo se hablatr bien el ingles pero me harto asi que por eso tehablo en español asi que te deigo deja de usar el inglés porque no esta tan familiarizado con la moda de hoy sabes miamor!!??

  3. hi everybody
    im from mexico
    and i love ashley tisdale so much
    i want to ashley comin here to monterrey
    so i love you so much ashley
    love you
    ashley live
    is my guilty pleasure
    i love you
    and ashley so much

  4. Hi! i´m anna paula, im from rio, im brazilian and im spick in English, so, i love to much te pictures of blingee!! so much very, very, beautifuls your pictures i love you blingee, please read this message writting for evrithing my heart



  5. hi, im anna again, i love ashley tisdale and selena gomez they are the best of the world, so kisses for there and for blingee, i love very much, there pictures please read this message too!!!

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