Nick and Miley

How you thinks about them? do u think they can be lover? they are the most wanted young celebrities and have lots of their fans that supporting them.
Miley and Nick
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11 Responses to “Nick and Miley”

  1. hiya i love this pic its so cool
    i love u miley
    well this is a cool pic remember

  2. i love ur pics
    and i love u miley
    u pics are so cool

  3. spela anne hannah Says:

    my 3rd name is hannah just like hannah montana.and miley u rule.and nick you are the cutest `eva and 4eva!!!

  4. Hallo Miley cyrus und nick jonas miley du bist echt cool und nick auch aber ich bin ein gruser fann fun dier miley du bist echt cool und der hammer komm ein mal im Luxemburg bitte, ich wiel auch eine pop star werden ich hab 8 ihare.

  5. ini y sari!! Says:

    hola!!!nick and miley!!!!
    xq terminaron!!
    no es justo!!!
    recien nos enteramos!!hoy 30 d septiembre d 2008!!! :-(!!!
    eran tan linda pareja!!!
    bue nada mas solo q vuelvan!!
    besosssssssssssss byeeeeeeeeeee

  6. llello love you nick y miley cyrus pe buena pareja asen bueno que mal que cortaron byeeeeeeeee me encanta el programa de hanha montana cuando salieron los jonas brothers bueno byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  7. hay nick you look so hot and miley why did you like her she is so gay like gay

  8. TRistes Karolina Claudia Catalina Valentina Says:

    Hello! ended their relationship because they pretty?

    Nick: Miley is very cute! Selena Gomez is a witch

    Miley: you are so beautiful

    Miley + Nick = much much much LOVE

    PS: Do not speak English, speak Spanish jajaja.! this is our best attempt

  9. My names Emily I am not spyke Englisch im spike Poland.
    Bardzo lubię Hanah Montane i wiem że nic z tego nie zrozumiecie bo mówię po Polsku fajny blog!!

  10. slm miley naber kızz

  11. dear miley…
    nbr sana asığımm

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